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Please consider donating to these organizations:

Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) provides funding for long-lasting insecticide-treated net distributions for protection against malaria in developing countries. The economic and public health effectiveness of programs such as the one provided by the AMF is well supported by the scientific literature (1,2).


Helen Keller International (HKI) focus mostly on vitamin A supplementation programs around the globe. Supplementation of this vitamin reduces child morbidity and mortality in developing countries (3). The HKI has been consistently ranked as one of the most effective charities by independent reviewers such as GiveWell, Charity Navigator, and The Life You Can Save.


Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) is a non-profit organization that works with indigenous communities in South America to protect the biodiversity, culture, and health of the flora, fauna, and people of the Amazon rainforest. The ACT is a top-rated charity according to Charity Navigation and Charity Watch.



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